J Caring Sci. 2017;6(4): 335-343. doi: 10.15171/jcs.2017.032
PMID: 29302573        PMCID: PMC5747592

Original Research

Vailation of the Persian Version of the Staff Observation Aggression Scale-Revised in Psychiatric Patients

Masoud Siratinir 1 * , Muhammad Gooshi 2, Abbas Ebadi 2, Abbas Tavallai 3, Abolfazl Mohammadi 4

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1- Meier S, Uenver Y, Stooss A, Meyer-Heim A. Frequency, Characteristics and Risk Factors of Aggressive Incidents in a Paediatric Rehabilitation Setting: A Prospective Survey. Developmental Neurorehabilitation. 2019;:1 [Crossref]